January 11, 2023

Canterbury School of Architecture and Design

We are pleased to follow UCA, Canterbury School of Architecture’s invitation to give a lecture as part of their spring programme and ‘Multistory’ guest lecture series, on 23rd February 23.

December 13, 2022

Hochschule Coburg

Bernd Schmutz has been invited to hold a lecture at Hochschule Coburg’s “Dienstagsreihe”, in Coburg. The lecture titled “Komplizenschaft” will present several projects that have been tailored using a network of alliances to bring projects to life and keep them agile as part of a collective energy.


September 25, 2022

Composite Presence in Hasselt

Our contribution to Bovenbouw’s exhibition  “Composite presence” will soon be shown at Z33 in Hasselt/Flanders. The show will run from 2.10.22 – 12.02.23.  Photo by Filip Dijardin.

August 15, 2022

Palais Hilton

‘Palais Hilton’ is coming on site – with an exhibition to display the student projects of Studio Bernd Schmutz from TU Dresden with 12 interventions. The display will also present original drawings and photographs of the actual building, designed as Dresdner Hof by Wolfgang Levin at the end of 80s. Opening: Monday, 22.08.22, 18.30 in the Foyer of the Hilton Dresden; Exhibition: 23.- 28.08.22.

June 25, 2022

Hamburg lecture

Following the invitation by Fritz-Schumacher-Gesellschaft in Hamburg, Bernd Schmutz will be giving a lecture and talk to reflect a quote by Schumacher from 1920 with his own work: Wir müssen uns immer mehr bewußt werden, daß es nicht eine private Sache ist, wenn man ein Bauwerk in eine Stadt stellt.
The evening will be held together with Mary Duggan from London.