[6/6] Visualisierung: Maximilian Schwall

Dresdner Hof – Palais Hilton

Exhibition of the 'Palais Hilton' student's work and archive material 'Dresdner Hof'
At TU Dresden and the foyer of the Hilton
Studio Bernd Schmutz
Guest Professor at TU Dresden
Design, Concept, realisation: Maximilan Schwall, Thomas Back, Bernd Schmutz

Dresden is a city of palaces. With our Palais Hilton we want to question, challenge and reflect what a palace in the centre of Dresden could offer today, not only for tourists but also for local residents. We want to stimulate a culture of Umbau, especially in a city that has long been entangled in a debate between reconstruction and modernism. The typology of the hotel supports change and transformation, the works of the students therefore speculate how new programme, landscaping and architecture can be added in the centre of town to unfold new ways of sharing spaces. The hotel as a miniature city within the city, vibrant and lively, providing the Grand Salon as a common space but also coexisting with housing, infrastructures and gardens within the same city block. The idea of our palace is rich and inclusive, it gathers different kinds of architectures to reflect Dresden’s multi-faceted baroque history and embeds new wings, belvederes, bridges and pavilions within the existing fabric. The exhibition also shows original drawings and photographs of the building, designed as Dresdner Hof by Wolfgang Levin at the end of 80s.

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  • [6/6] Visualisierung: Maximilian Schwall