Exhibition design for 'Exo-Evolution' and 'Allah's Automaten'
In collaboration with Eva-Maria Stadelmann & Frank Joachim Wössner
Area: 5500 m2
ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
Karlsruhe, D
Photos: Simon Menges

As part of the series ‘Globale’ a modular system of walls, vitrines, video projection rooms and furniture has been designed for the exhibitions curated by Peter Weibel and Siegfried Zielinksi to form a light background for a large variety of artworks in different media such as videos, wall-based works, installations and objects. The conventional hermetic arrangement of ‘white gallery boxes’ has been broken up to stimualte a perception of the exhibition as a whole and to facilitate various visitor routes through the show instead of a fixed parcours. In line with the digital and complex nature of the exhibits the design therefore reflects the curator’s intention for a ‘polyphonic’ and open network of spaces and art across the two floors of the show. With their transparent and minimal character the slim timber-frame elements have been conceived to allow a maximum of interaction between the exhibits which can be seen simultaneously in multiple spatial constellations. The transparent modular system reflects both the generous, open ZKM architecture as well as the comprehensive, expanded concept of art in the context of the exhibitions interlinked within the Globale.

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