Alter Wall

Four houses with mixed use
hotel, retail, offices, housing
38.000 sqm BGF
Invited competition
With Adam Khan Architects and Vogt Landschaft
Visualisations: Ponnie
Dylan Radcliffe-Brown, Miroslav Pazdera, Bernd Schmutz

To reflect the fine and differentiated scale of Hamburgs city centre the proposal is seeking to make a new city block with four houses , each with its own identity, typology and elevation, but all connected to make a lively street.
Consistent in material and pace their facades have varying depths to subtly stimulate the narrow street, a calm and elegant face to the public realm, while the top of each building makes a unique and more expressive roof to frame the sky. Similar to the typical Hamburg warehouse the plan of each building is stretching between street and canal with a generous internal access route, ready to anticipate multiple use. This network of circulation and the compartmentation of the site allow maximum flexibility for the city and its users. Each house has its own courtyard with a rich garden landscape to bring light and fresh air deep into the naturally ventilated buildings.
One of the houses is reserved entirely for residential use to activate the street, additional flats are forming the roofscape. The biggest building houses the hotel and brings public use to the corner of the large crossroads. Its tree-planted courtyard acts as a public foyer to welcome guests and to bring visitors to a large public greenhouse at the top, offering a green terrace and winter-garden with wide views over Hamburg.

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