Exhibition design for 'Actopolis- the art of action'
In collaboration with Eva-Maria Stadelmann & Frank Joachim Wössner
Client: Goethe-Institut / Urbane Künste Ruhr

11 cities, 11 displays:
Athens, Ankara/Mardin, Belgrade, Bucharest, Istanbul, Izmir,
Oberhausen, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Zagreb, Vienna.
With NODE Berlin Oslo (graphic identity and publication).
Photography: Sebastian Schels/PK-Odessa

The exhibition design provides a light and flexible structure to gather the contents of the performances and workshops collected over one year across 8 countries as part of ‘Actopolis’. The modular system can be assembled to forms and rooms in various scales to act as a vertical display or to enclose a space for events. Horizontally laid out shapes complement the vertical panels and provide simple stages to stimulate action and public encounters. The regular forms are based on a square system and reflect the graphic identity with Monotype letters developed by graphic designers NODE Berlin Oslo. Whilst providing a uniform exhibition system which links the different places in form and content, the modular components will adapt to the various exhibition venues across south-eastern Europe and therefore create 11 individual displays – each as a unique setting for Actopolis.

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